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Kremona’s history starts near the beginning of the 20-th century, by a man named Dimitar Georgiev.

Mr. Georgiev began his career as a journeyman gunsmith. He soon became a master, designing and building his own machine guns that he felt were mechanical art pieces. As the First World War began Dimitar is compelled to join his countries military and test his accomplishments of design and manufacture. He soon realizes that his art form is a horrific tool against man, and turns his back on the trade. While still on the fronts of Europe he finds solace in music and playing his mandolin. This hostile environment proved to be hard on his beloved instrument and he is forced to repair it on numerous occasions by himself.

Returning home to Bulgaria Dimitar begins to produce hand carved samples of his new talent. He began with mandolins, violins, and later guitars. These samples proved his talent and gained him an apprenticeship in the famous town of Markneukirchen, Germany. He excels at the trade and returns to Bulgaria in 1924 to start his own workshop. Kremona was established with the help of his two brothers, and later two German master craftsmen.

  Georgiev brothers and the first nameplate of their studio





Since the end of 1999 Kremona is again a privately owned and operated facility that employs about 120 people and craftsman. In a modern world Kremona continues with its rich traditional history of workmanship and excellence. Using only the finest in local materials as well as imported materials Kremona continues to improve the look, feel and playability of its instruments from the comprehensive line of guitars to the specialized master bowed instruments.

The guitar production is mainly advanced level classic guitars with solid top offered in 11 scales. A limited line of all solid guitars and cutaways is handcrafted, too.

Bowed instruments comprise violins, violas, violoncellos and doublebasses from student to master level. The company’s main goal is excellent quality, flexibility of production, custom projects!

Kremona nowadays  

Kremona Studio, 1924-1939
  The first Kremona fair exhibits


The first Kremona catalogue, 1928
  Kremona, 1954